Which venue will your child be attending?
Your name & address
Parent / guardian names
Your contact details
Phone numbers
Please provide as many contact numbers as possible in case we need to contact you urgently during class time.
Email address
Your children
Please give us the names and dates of birth of your children that will be attending and tell us which school they currently attend.
First child

Second child

Photography & video
We use video & photography in the class as a teaching aid and to keep a record of the children's work. You will be able to purchase a DVD featuring some of this at least once a year. We may also use some of this material in the local press and anonymously on our website & brochures for promotional reasons (children will not be identified by name). We really do need you to agree to this so that your child is not excluded from some activities.
Any other information

Please give us details of anything you think we should know. For example, allergies, previous drama experience and what you hope your child will benefit from by attending our class.  If your chosen class has a choice of start times, please state which one you'd to come to.