Let's Act! Seniors

  • Learn to Act!
  • Fun drama games
  • Voice and Speech exercises
  • Acting improvisations
  • Character development
  • Reading & Verse Speaking
  • Advanced script work
  • A chance to do exams
  • Plus much more

Our Let's Act! classes are always fun and offer children the chance to experience a wide range of drama activities and also the opportunity to take exams through both LAMDA and The New Era Academy, all within one class, providing a balanced mix of Theatre technique, fun, theory and achievement.

As you'll see from the description, both this and the other Let's Act! class are very similar.  However, within the Let's Act! Seniors class you're able to expand on this knowledge further through, for example, exploring more in-depth character development and more advanced script work.

Whilst this class is a natural progression from the younger Let's Act! group, it isn't essential that you've previously attended this first and, in fact, no previous Acting experience is required at all.  Whether you are interested in Acting as a hobby, or if you're set on making Acting your profession, this class is for you!

Drama work

The drama side of the class includes a wide range of drama exercises & games, acting improvisations and script work. These encourage the individual to let their imagination run free, often resulting in unique and amusing scenarios!

The work is designed to be engaging and enjoyable while teaching important skills such as self-discipline, self-awareness, good social and communication skills, improved memory and consideration for others. It also helps immensely with confidence-building and getting yourself heard and noticed in an acceptable way.

Students will also learn about Theatre Technique and how a Television Studio works.

Throughout the year we like to film some of the work done. Where possible, we like to compile this onto a DVD which you can then buy to give everyone at home a chance to share in some of the things we do. We will also show some highlights at our Red Carpet Events.

Voice & Speech work

Our Voice & Speech work helps the individual to develop good communication skills and confidence - both essential skills to have throughout life! They learn the importance of clear diction, how to use pitch, pace and pause in their voice and how to develop good vocal projection.

We use voice & speech exercises, poetry and prose which help the student learn how to improve their vocal skills.

Students are also given the option, should they wish, to take exams through both LAMDA and The New Era Academy. Passing exams helps to boost confidence and there are several grades of exams which students can work through and, when built upon over a number of years, are highly regarded by prospective employers and colleges/universities.  They show ongoing commitment to a subject and help students stand out from the crowd of other applicants. In fact, the exams have been accredited by UCAS, the university entrance body. This means that students passing some of the higher level exams are awarded UCAS Tariff Points which can help with entrance to a course at university. Therefore, they don’t just have benefits now, but also set good foundations for the future!


At your child's second paid lesson, once they have joined the group, they will receive their free class folder. This must be brought to the class each week along with a pen or pencil.