What we ask of you


First of all we hope that your child has a good time in whatever they choose to do with us and that they always feel able to come and have a chat, as we are here to help. It is very important to us that everyone attending the Academy feels happy, safe and welcome and that our time shared will create some special memories for the future.


It is important that the children attend as many classes during the term as possible to aid with work continuity and also that they arrive on time. If your child is going to be absent from the class, or late, then please let us know so that we don’t worry when they don’t turn up. Also, if you are happy for your child to go home alone then you will need to inform us of this in order to help us to keep your child as safe as possible.


We like to try and instil a sense of self-discipline, personal awareness, commitment and consideration for others.  All of which are vitally important, not only if you wish to go on to work in professional theatre or television, but also in everyday life.

However, far from being strict and shouting, we try to teach these through the use of different fun exercises and tasks and, in doing this, the children are actually enjoying themselves in the process.