Special discounts

We offer the following discounts off our regular class prices:

Brothers & Sisters

You get £1 off the price of a class for each additional family member that comes. This applies even if they attend different classes, eg one comes to Let's Act! and another to Little Acorns Drama Fun but it will only apply to one class per sibling.

berties-bargainBertie's Bargain!

If your child comes to two of our classes you will save £1 off the combined cost of the classes. 

The combination of Improve your Reading with Bertie Bear and one of the Acting classes is particularly beneficial to further enhance reading development through the varied work done within these classes.  It can also give you a couple of hours to yourself to spend as you wish!

Other Concessions

If you are currently unemployed and in receipt of benefits we offer a 30% discount per child (not available with any other offers). Please provide evidence of your unemployment status from the Job Centre at the start of each term/workshop.